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"If everyone did just one thing to  make their local community a better place, it could truly change the world."


Hey Girlfriend Network is a 501(c)3 non profit organization that provides grassroots assistance to those in need including but not limited to low income families, women underprivileged youth, homeless individuals and human trafficking victims. 


To promote positive networking and to provide various community outreach resources for those in need of food, basic needs or any social services assistance.

"Be the positive change you want to see in others."


Inspired by Oprah Winfrey's "Legends Ball', Cynthia started the Hey Girlfriend Network which was founded in 2007 to encourage women to be a positive force in their communities. Each year, a luncheon is held where hundreds of women get together to discuss important issues such as family, friendships, healthy lifestyles, financial empowerment and career advancement. The goal of these events is for each guest to experience something positive which can be shared amongst others: "Be the positive change you want to see in others". In addition, Hey Girlfriend Network is dedicated to providing community outreach to those in need. Therefore at the event and throughout the year via social media outreach (Facebook group page exceeds 15,000 members) and word of mouth, we solicit community involvement in providing hygiene products, gently used clothing, food etc for men, women and children who are less fortunate.